The BodiRocker Balance Resistance Trainer will help you transform your body in just 10 minutes a day. The unique design of the BodiRocker will allow you to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously and much faster than traditional exercise equipment. And it’s portable!

With over 70 different stabilizing exercises, the BodiRocker will help strengthen and build your shoulders, back, chest, arms and core muscles automatically and in half the time. The BodiRocker works by engaging your body into a controlled rocking motion that targets your main muscle groups and delivers amazing results fast.

This device is great for both men and women. If you are a man looking for a ripped body or a lady looking to be sexy and toned, the BodiRocker may be perfect for you. The BodiRocker comes with some great free bonuses. Along with the BodiRocker device, you will also receive a free workout DVDS that will show you how to perform over 70 different fat-burning and muscle building exercises. Plus, you will also get a set of BodiRocker workout cards that show you how to perform all the exercises.

The BodiRocker comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so there is nothing to lose. If you do not find the results you seek you can always return it for your money back.


  • Over 70 Muscle Building BodiRocker Exercises
  • Tightens & Firms Hard to Reach Body Parts
  • Burns More Fat & Calories Then Traditional Exercises
  • Strengthens All Core Body Muscles From Head to Toe
  • Exercises & Stretches For Beginners & Advance Athletes
  • Builds Stamina & Increases Body Coordination
  • Shortens Workout Times
  • Increases Grip & Forearm Strength
  • Enhances Any Fitness Routine
  • Built To Last & Manufactured In The USA

The Magic of the Bodirocker Design

The revolutionary design of the BodiRocker delivers a 2-in-1 workout that will simultaneously train your upper body and core.

As you strength train your shoulders, back, chest and arms, your core stabilizer muscles automatically engage to control the rocking motion of the BodiRocker.

Plus, multiple grip positions let you zero in on the muscles you want to target, while the cushioned handles provide additional support and comfort.

Exercises For Every Fitness Level
The BodiRocker System includes a set of workout DVDs that feature beginner to advanced workouts that you can do exercises for every fitness level.

Engage the adjustable PowerRoller located underneath the BodiRocker to increase the rocking motion in all directions. Exercises become more challenging because your core muscles activate at an even higher rate to stay balanced. The BodiRocker has a built-in Balance Meter which helps guide you during each rep.

bodirocker system

  • BODIROCKER with PowerRoller
  • Abs & Core Video
  • Chest & Arms Video
  • Yoga & Pilates Video
  • 10 Minute Workout Cards
  • BodiRocker Cardio Workout


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